End of Tutoring Block Evaluation

Student Info

Student Name
Learning Style
Tutor's Name
Evaluation Months

School Progress Report

Math (Sept. - Nov.)
Math (Dec. - Feb.)
Math (March - June)
Language Arts (Sept. - Nov.)
Language Arts (Dec. - Feb.)
Language Arts (March - June)
Social Studies (Sept. - Nov.)
Social Studies (Dec. - Feb.)
Social Studies (March - June)
Science (Sept. - Nov.)
Science (Dec. - Feb.)
Science (March - June)
Standardized Test Name 1
Standardized Test Name 2
Standardized Test Name 3
Standardized Test Score 1
Standardized Test Score 2
Standardized Test Score 3

Math Post-Assessment

Math Post-Assessment Date Completed
Math Post-Assessment Score
Math Post-Assessment Notes

Language Arts Post-Assessment

Language Arts Post-Assessment Date Completed
Language Arts Post-Assessment Score
Language Arts Post-Assessment Notes

Please rate your student on the following statements

Attentive during the tutoring session
Positive attitude during session.
Actively participates during session.
Is adequately prepared for lesson
Brings questions to the session
Completes homework given by tutor
Enjoys reading/language arts
Enjoys math
Student has learned and has applied better methods for studying
Student’s math grades and skills have improved
Student’s reading/language arts grades and skills have improved
Student’s overall grades have improved
Student has taken a stronger interest in school.
Student discusses his/her goals with tutor
Student wants to attend college

Student Overall Progress

Overall math development
Overall language arts development
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