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Feedback from Tutors

I chose to tutor because I understand the difficulties that can arise when certain teaching methods don’t align with certain learning styles. As a high school student, the learning adjustment was difficult for me and I was tutored because my learning style didn’t align with the teachers. As a tutor, I feel as if I am serving my due diligence by having the opportunity to do this since I had a tutor, and having one gave me lifetime skills to excel in my educational endeavors.


Emory U. Public Health graduate student

Before I turn 30 I want to learn 2 new languages (Spanish and French), live abroad for at least a year and earn my masters in curriculum and instruction. I also want to attain as much knowledge as I can about the field of education and provide better services and resources for black and brown children.

That is why I decided to tutor with Exceeding the Mark. I want to be the best teacher I can and truly learn how to teach individual learners which requires differentiating my instructional methods. Something I am able to practice and perfect as a tutor with this company.


Spelman College Early Childhood Education major